4Kids Entertiament was a American Licensing Company. They focused on dubbing anime for westerjn audiences, their dubs would then air on western TV channels. From 1998 to 2017 the company remained open. Their dubs were infamous for editing anime, text and even rice balls in the English Dub of Pokemon are called Rice balls are called Donuts. They Also Edited Violence and Inappropriate Language That was Not Suitable for Younger Children.

List of Censored Dubs[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic X- Violence, language and sexuality were toned down, along with Japanese elements and text being removed.
  • Pokémon- Violence and sexuality were toned down. Several episodes were taken out of rotation, including episodes 35 (due to firearms) and 250 (due to Jynx with a black face) of the original series.
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