Black Lagoon is a Japanese anime that was made by Madhouse. In Japan in was censored on TV due to having strong language. Adult Swim censored the US broadcast due to network standards. Strong language was bleeped out and violence was toned down.


Japanese CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 10
  1. Chaka's language gets censored for the Japanese TV release when he is threatening Yukio while holding her hostage before Ginji and Revy charge in to rescue her.

USA CensorshipEdit

  • General Edits
  1. Fuck was censored with bleeps. (In the promo for BL, a line featuring said word was removed instead)
  • Episode 1
  1. Revy's cucksucker was bleeped.
  • Episode 7
  1. The scene that shows a woman's breasts in a porno was modified for the Adult Swim broadcast. In the Adult Swim version the woman's breasts digitally blurred out.
  • Episode 14
  1. The scene that shows children in a pool of blood was cut.
  • Episode 24
  1. The scene that shows a sword going through a woman's neck was cut.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Blu-Ray's/DVD's are uncensored.

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