Bulletstorm is a first person shooting video game that was developed by People Can Fly/Epic Games and published by Electronic Arts. The video game was released on February 22, 2011, in order to get released in Germany in the USK 18 rating the game had to be censored.

Censorship[edit | edit source]

Germany Censorship[edit | edit source]

  • Blood sprays were removed.
  • Pools of blood were removed.
  • Damage textures on dead bodies were removed. (aka bullet wounds blood etc)
  • Mutants no longer have orange blood splatters when shot due to the blood being removed.
  • Blood on walls were removed.
  • Blood splatters that happen when you are shot at is removed.
  • Blood splatter on the screen were removed.
  • Gore was removed.
  • Decapitations are no longer possible.
  • Impaled enemies in certain levels were removed.
  • Enemies dying from a electric shot no longer glow when being electrocuted.

Where to find it uncensored[edit | edit source]

Every other country has it uncensored, and the remaster is uncensored in Germany.

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