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Online censorship in mainland ChinaEdit

The Internet in the People's Republic of China mainland is censored, but not in the recently returned Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Taiwan being a completely different entity is also not blocked.

Frequently censored wordsEdit

  • 民主 (democracy)
  • 天安门母亲 (Tiananmen Mothers)
  • 王丹 (Wang Dan)[[Media:bull crapItalic text]]
  • 法轮功 (Falun Gong), or 法轮 or 轮功
  • 美国之音 (Voice of America)
  • freenet

Current blocked sitesEdit

  • Geocities
  • Blogger (but not
  • Technorati (blog search engine)
  • Yahoo Hong Kong
  • Some versions of Wikipedia (varies from area to area)
  • BBC News
  • LiveJournal

Formerly blocked sitesEdit

  • possibly blocked by China Telecom
  • blocked in December 2005-- release [1]
  • Google: Google in China
  • (but not the front page)

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