clThis page was created about the blog ban in India, but the circumvention methods will work with other forms of censorship too.

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The Net treats censorship as damage and routes around it.

Firefox Extension[edit | edit source]

  • Firefox Add-on to switch proxy quickly.
  • - A firefox extension for proxyfing the sites. Also included along with other options.
  • A Greasemonkey script to use Coral Cache to rewrite Blogspot URLs. It's at the bottom of the post.
  • - A Greasmonkey script to use the service at to rewrite Blogsport URLs.
  • - A couple of FireFox extensions that can be used to bypass the ban.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)[edit | edit source]

VPN (virtual private network) is a private communication network used by many companies and organizations to connect securely over a public network. Usually on the Internet it is encrypted and so nobody except the endpoints of the communication can look at the data traffic. Some VPN services are offered for a monthly fee, others are free or ad-supported.

Proxy server list[edit | edit source]

One way to visit a blocked site is through another site, generally called a web proxy or Some proxies are listed below.

  • The best proxy list available.
  • - This is the largest proxy on the internet
  • - It's a free web proxy and has a web proxy list This proxy can access all pages no matter where you are. Its very useful on WAP enabled mobile handsets. All contents from web are available without any ads. Courtesy
  • ((below the link for favourites you will find an edit box; enter URI there)
  • (cookies are not stored, so you cannot submit comment with saved Username & Password.)
  • Search in google for you'll get lots of free proxies.
  • Information on which has a huge list of proxy servers and one could easily setup a within India too if one wishes to.

Using TOR to bypass the block[edit | edit source]

By Using Google Web Accelerator - no longer available for download[edit | edit source]

and install Google Web accelreator and bypass the BAN. When using GWA, you actually access the blogspot pages from the Google Proxy server, where they are cached and not directly from the blogspot server.

Via RSS Readers[edit | edit source]

  • and find a reader that you like. You can get applications as well as online readers.
  • You will need to know the RSS feed URI for the blog that you are trying to reach. Some RSS readers uto-search for feeds if you enter the blog's URI. You can use a search engine again.
  • Any decent RSS reader will come with instructions and Help files.
  • Some RSS readers:

Use Coral Cache Servers[edit | edit source]

can be used to view any static webpages and blogs. Just add ""to the domain name. For example, if you want to visit

For sites blocked by domain names[edit | edit source]

  • Using google translate, e.g., if the blog is "", then us

For Mozilla Firefox Users Create a quick search

  • Bookmark the above URL (Boomarks | Bookmark this page/Ctrl + D)
  • Goto Bookmarks | Manage Bookmarks
  • Right Click on the saved bookmark, goto Properties
  • In the URL field replace to u=%s
  • In the keyword field give a simple name like bypass or dumbgoi etc.
  • Now goto the address bar (Alt + D) and enter bypass blogname
  • example (shameless plug hehe): bypass
  • Hope this helps you save some time and typing.
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