Doctor Strange is a 2016 film distributed by Marvel Studios, also directed by Scott Derrickson, and starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular lead role. On the Australian children's network ABC Me, just like numerous other films by Marvel Studios, some scenes, language and violence were censored in order to appeal to younger viewers.


Australian CensorshipEdit

ABC MeEdit

The film had scenes, language, and violence toned down or cut in order to give the film a "PG-VH" rating and to appeal to younger audiences. The film premiered on the channel on September 29, 2017 at 6pm. The censorship goes as follows:

  • The line "Bullshit. Show me his file." is changed to "Jiminy Cricket. Show me his file."
  • The line "No! No… No! Shit!" is changed to "No! No… No! Darn!"
  • The line "Oh shit!" is changed to "Oh boy!"
  • The line "I was a complete asshole." is changed to "I was a complete dummy."
  • The line "Who’s laughing now, asshole?" is changed to "Who's laughing now, dummy?"
  • The car crash scene is shortened.
  • The Ancient One's death is cut or shortened.
  • The scene that shows The Ancient One's dead body as she is being dragged on the hospital bed is cut.
  • Some of the intensely frightening supernatural fantasy horror violence is cut or toned down, as not to frighten younger viewers.
  • The post-credits scene (involving Mordo) is cut, due to it's extreme violence.
  • The movie itself is modified: all blood (although not very graphic) is digitally removed.

The film was nearly impossible to have been censored in any way at all, due to how supernatural the violence is in the movie.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The DVDs/Blu-ray is completely uncensored, and the uncensored version can be found on video streaming sites.

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