In the UK, films are certified by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC); tho this board has no powers to ban a film -- these powers being excersized on a council-by-council basis -- their reccomendations are almost always followed.

They categorise films into the following categories:

  • anyone (U, PG, M)
  • anyone accompanied by an adult or >12 (12A)
  • >11 (12)
  • >14 (15)
  • >17 (18)
  • >17, and further has to be limited to a specialist 'sex shop/cinema' (r18)

based on the usual culprits -- sex, violence, and swearing.

Censoring guidlines[edit | edit source]

usual suspects:

  • Theme
    • Pretty expansive category
  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Imitable Techniques
    • i.e., imitable violent or criminal techniques
  • Horror
  • Drugs

They summarise their three main criteria as:

  • is the material in conflict with the law?
  • is the material, at the age group concerned, likely to be harmful?
  • is the material, at the age group concerned, clearly unacceptable to broad public opinion? (It is on this ground, for example, that the Board intervenes in respect of language. This ground also applies at '18', although here it is balanced against the public expectation that adults should be free to choose their entertainment, within the law.)

Interaction with other medium[edit | edit source]

how does censorship of movies act:

  • in the cinema
  • on tv
    • e.g., I seem to recall that films on sky are preceeded by a notice saying 'bskyb has certified this film as blah-rated', so how's that work?
  • on dvd
  • on the internet

the above describes cinema censorship as far as i can tell.

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