Final Fantasy IV is a Japanese RPG that was developed by Square and published by Square. The video game was released on July 19, 1991, due to Square wanting to make the western release more family friendly religious references and references to death were removed and violence was toned down. The GBA rerelease futher censored the game though the North American version dose not inculde the additional censorship. In the GBA release sexuaity was toned down.


North American CensorshipEdit

  • The scene that shows Rosa getting rescued from being executed by a Giant’s scythe was modified for the western release. In the western version the scythe was changed to a giant metal ball.
  • The word “Holy” was changed to “White”
  • The Tower of Prayers was modified for the western release. In the western version it is called the Tower of Wishes.
  • References to violence and death were toned down.
  • The scene that shows a girl dancing in the pubs was modified for the western release. In the uncensored version it shows her dancing and then removing her red dress to reveal a bikini underneath. In the western version it only shows her dancing. (This scene is uncensored in the North America GBA version)

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Japanese version is completely uncensored, and the North American GBA reduces the amount of censorship.

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