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This wiki, hosted on FANDOM via wikia.org, is a database cataloging everything related to censorship past and present, in news media, film, artwork, and literature.

Founded on 28 January 2005 and restarted on January 16, 2017, there are currently 901 articles on this wiki.

All around the world all forms of media have been censored at one point. This wikia is dedicated to documenting all forms of censorship, because we believe that people deserve to know what has been censored and how it was censored.

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Comic Book Censorship

Censorship by country

Dates indicate period(s) of significant, documented and reported censorship. Bolded countries are particularly egregious right now. For a full list, see this category.

Streaming Sites

(This list shows which streaming sites show censored content and links you to their wiki pages.)

Video Game Consoles

(This list shows every video game console that has had games for it that have received censorship.)

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