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A small number gaming and gambling sites were blocked by order of a district chief of police.
Internet users in Israel are not waned that access to the sites they attempt to visit has been blocked; rather, the sites are simply unreachable.
'''Israel '''is a Middle Eastern country that worships Judaism. It is the only sovereign nation in the world with a Jewish majority. Politically, its sovereignty is disputed by predominantly Arab nations.
The censorship has been covered by the media [http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/2010/07/18/for-the-first-time-in-israel-blocking-internet-gambling-sites/ here] and is constantly monitored by http://www.xsil.org/.
Although considered to be unusually free by the region's standards, censorship cannot be ruled out.
==Movies censorship==
==TV censorship==
==Books censorship==
==Video Games censorship==
==Internet censorship==
==General censorship==
Following the 2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis Israel took steps to ban Qatar-based Al Jazeera by closing its Jerusalem office, revoking press cards, and asking cable and satellite broadcasters not to broadcast Al Jazeera.
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