It is a 2017 horror film that premiered on TNT on April 22, 2020. The film was censored on TNT because of network standards (it was given a TV-14 on that version). The original theatrical release is uncensored. It can also be found uncensored on physical video formats and streaming.

Censored Quotes[edit | edit source]

Note: The censored parts of the quotes are in bold.

Quote Quote rating
Eddie: "They slice the tip of his stick off." PG-13
Bill: "Ed says they slice the tip of your t-thing off." PG-13
Gretta: "I know you're in there, little twit!" PG
Beverly: "Am I a slut or a little twit?" PG-13
Richie: "Who doesn't love splashing around in filthy water?" G
Patrick: "Nice Frisbee, loser." G
Henry: "Stay the heck outta my town!" G
Henry: "I'm gonna cut your freaking face off!." PG
Henry: "I said move it!" G
Eddie: "It's basically piss and spit." PG-13
Eddie: "Are you-- Are you stupid?" G
Stanley: "Jeez. Don't tell me that's...!" G
Eddie: "Oh, sheesh. Oh, God. Oh, no! I don't like this." PG
Richie: "Holy smokes. What happened to you?" G
Patrick: "Oh, no!" G
Richie: "What the hell?! Aw, this is great! We just got showed up by a girl!" PG
Eddie: "Oh, gosh. My mom's gonna totally kill me." PG
Richie: "Is that why I'm not seeing this stuff?" G
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