Mario Party is a Japanese party video game that was developed by Hudson Soft, and it was published by Nintendo. The game was released on December 18, 1998. When the game was released outside of Japan some character lines were altered due to concerns over characters making religious references.


International CensorshipEdit

  • In the Japanese release any time Luigi or Wario would lose a mini game they would say "Oh my god!" In the International release Luigi says "Ohhh!" and Wario says "Doh, I missed."

Controvercy Edit

The game(Mario Party 8) had a launch plagued by difficulties in the United Kingdom. Originally scheduled for release on June 22, 2007, Nintendo announced on June 19, 2007 that the British version had been delayed to July 13, 2007, due to a "production issue". Furthermore, upon release on July 13, 2007, it was then immediately recalled. In a press release, Nintendo gave the reason for the withdrawal as an assembly error, but some retailers were reporting that it was supposedly withdrawn from shelves because some copies included the word "spastic", which is considered a highly offensive word in the UK for referring to a disability. Just one month before, Ubisoft had the PSP game Mind Quiz pulled from the shelves because of the same word. The game was eventually re-released in the United Kingdom on August 3, 2007 with the word "erratic" used instead. A spokesperson from Nintendo said "The offending word has been replaced at code level and the software reproduced. We are confident we have taken the correct appropriate levels and action necessary and in all new versions of the game there are no issues – however we cannot 100 percent guarantee that every copy of the initial batch was returned to us and as such there may still be a small number of copies of the game in circulation.” Nintendo also confirmed that there would be no change on pricing and stock levels would “remain unaffected for the re-launch.”

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

The Japanese release is completely uncensored.

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