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Can some lawyers here help in creating a public interest litigation that can be properly filed in the supreme court? This is a clear case of violation of fundamental rights. Also, for some bloggers, this could mean loss of revenue because of Google ads.

Please edit this page collaboratively to create a public interest petition.

One thing that is evident that this kind of blanket ban on a common resource is akin to what is called "Collective punishment". As per the human rights teaties of which India is also a signatory, such blanket collective punishment can be interpreted as a violation of the basic rights of the blogging community. Further the blanket ban is inappropriate. It is ethically inadmissable that the government can use security as a cover to supress free speech. The best option will be a RTI probe into the reasons for the ban and a legal challenge based on the facts as may emerge.

We should ensure that such bans are not possible based on the whims of a bureaucrat. A t least a court order should be required.

As I understand, Google is examining it's legal options regarding the ban on blogspot. I also don't think the ISPs nor the bloggers have any (significant) legal standing on this. I don't think locus-standi is needed for a PIL. In any case why is it that Bloggers and Consumers don't have a locus-standi? This is for sure. The rules of locus standi have been relaxed for PILs. I don't think you even need to be personally affected to file one.

The government can put 'Reasonable Restrictions' on the Fundamental Right to freedom of speech and expression on certain specific grounds (read Article 19 of the Constitution) .But in this case this ban is totally arbitrary.

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