Scooby Doo (Movie) is a American movie that was made by Warner Bros. Pictures, and it was released on June 14, 2002. When the movie started to air on Cartoon Network some scenes were censored due to network standards, this version also aired on TBS. Due to Warner Bros targeting a PG rating in the UK two scenes had to be cut in order to get a PG rating.

Censorship[edit | edit source]

USA Censorship[edit | edit source]

Cartoon Network/TBS[edit | edit source]

  • The scene that shows Scrappy-Doo peeing on Daphne was cut.
  • A song that has a brief reference to smoking marijuana is abruptly cut.
  • Fart jokes are deleted, causing an abrupt cut to the gang escaping the Spooky Castle
  • Fred originally says the word "bitch" but it is pronounced "bi-otch", this was muted.

UK Censorship[edit | edit source]

  • The scene that shows a close up on Daphne kicking one of the goons was cut.
  • The scene that shows Daphne preforming a flying kick to one of the goons was cut.

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Where to find it uncensored[edit | edit source]

It is uncensored the DVD and online versions are completely uncensored.

Freeform also shows the film uncut, during their 31 Days of Halloween programming block.

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