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(→‎Others: sorry, our ToU prohibit links to porn sites (I'm aware of the irony))
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*YouJizz.com (pornographic)
*Various pornographic sites
*RedTube (pornographic)
*Playboy (lifestyle)
*Playboy (lifestyle)
*YouPorn (pornographic)
*WorldSex.com (pornographic)
*Chick.com (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist [[Jack Chick]]'s website)
*Chick.com (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist [[Jack Chick]]'s website)
*PersianKitty.com (pornographic)
*Sex.com (pornographic)
*steakandcheese.com (pornographic)
*penthouse.com (lifestyle)
*penthouse.com (lifestyle)
*thetend.com (pornographic)
*spankwire.com (pornographic)
*xvideos.com (pornographic)
*tube8.com (pornographic)
*xnxx.com (pornographic)
*arielrebel.com (pornographic)
*empflix.com (pornographic)
*tnaflix.com (pornographic)
*keezmovies.com (pornographic)
*peeperz.com (pornographic)

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General censorship

Widespread censorship here.

  • Pornography "banned"
  • Government can fire or censor anyone they want in the news media
  • International publications such as The Economist are restricted
  • Malaysian newspapers banned
  • All television and radio stations are owned by the government

Internet Censorship


Certain pages on Malayasian subjects were recently discovered to be inaccessable from at least one ISP (singnet.com.sg).


  1. The page can be viewed by changing the url slightly: such as encoding a few characters in hexidecimal, or using the history to find an oldid, or using a google cache. The same pages with the same content are also not inaccessable on other wikis, making this seem suspiciously targeted if it is indeed censorship.
  2. These return a connection timeout or blank page. This is in contrast to other blocked internet sites, such as pornography, which will return a message such as "The site you requested is not accessible. For more information please check with the Media Development Authority."


  • Various pornographic sites
  • Playboy (lifestyle)
  • Chick.com (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick's website)
  • penthouse.com (lifestyle)