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Singapore is a Asian country that primarily worships Islam.

It is a former British colony. It joined Malaysia in 1963 then gained independence from Malaysia in 1965.

Movies censorship

  • The Wolf of Wall Street was censored to remove very strong sexual scenes and religiously profane language.
  • The Neon Demon was censored to remove necrophilia and sexual assault, resulting in the film being rated M18 (instead of the more restrictive R21).

Books censorship

TV censorship

Video Games censorship

General censorship

  • Pornography "banned"
  • Any promotion of homosexuality is prohibited (discriminates against LGBT people)
  • Government can fire or censor anyone they want in the news media
  • International publications such as The Economist are restricted
  • Malaysian newspapers banned
  • All television and radio stations are owned by the government

Internet Censorship


  • Various pornographic sites
  • Playboy (lifestyle)
  • Chick.com (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick's website)
  • penthouse.com (lifestyle)
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