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Powerpuff Girls: See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey

The episode was banned in America because the network claimed that the metal beams in the destroyed buildings looked too much like crosses and that one of the hippies looked like Jesu

Family Matters: Family Matters

An evil doll that look like Steve Ursel but, has a demonic voice ends up on the show by climbing trough the toilet the Steve flushed him down a year prior. when Steve Urkel asked what you do When Stephen says oh not much just your soul soul he then proceeds to jump on Steve and suck the life out of him through his eyes just before Arkell wakes up a nightmare.

Sesame Street on February 10th 1976

An episode of Sesame Street aired with the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizardof Oz net in this episode the Wicked Witch of the West is flying over Sesame Street loses her broom and ends up stuck there during her time stuck at Sesame Street she almost turns Big Bird into a feather duster and does a whole bunch oother stuff to terrorize the residentsthis scared many children watching the episode also many parents express their concerns about the episodes content mainly because it was too scary for the kids many of the letters sent in said their children refused to watch the show and were screaming and tearing up at the sight of the witch

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Rogers neighborhood one episode of mr. Rogers neighborhood titled conflict was banned in 1996 it was originally aired on Veterans Day in 1983 the reason this episode was banned was because of the subject matter for the episode it had an underlying theme war and violence and at the time in 1996 there was enough food on the news in this episode King Friday thinks that weapons of mass destruction are being built sounds familiar doesn't it anyways the kids build fallout shelters and mr. Rogers says in the episode rules are very important not just for games but for all things even big things like countries they have to have rules to protect people too and someday you'll be helping to make these rules for your country.

Pingu: Little Accidents

This episode got banned a lot because of toilet humor which on this type of show there really shouldn't be much Pingu goes to pick up his drying fish with a sled and then proceeds to go. Pingu and Pinga completely drunk soda and Pee everywhere pingu's dad offers him a drink and then Pinga comes out also to drink. After that he goes in the igloo and urinates the floor and his dad gets angry to Pingu.