Total Drama World Tour is a Canadian TV show that was made by Teletoon, it was released in June 10, 2010 and it ended in April 24, 2011. When Cartoon Network started to air it, it was censored in order to make it more family friendly.


USA CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. The scene where Chef notices the PA light is on he says "Oh sh-" before being cut off was modified for the Cartoon Network broadcast. The scene was cut and replaced with Chris saying "We'll be right back."
  2. The scene that has Alejandro swear was modified for the Cartoon Network broadcast, the swears where changed to him saying "Que idiotas, incompetentes!"
  • Episode 5
  1. Cody falling in between Lady Liberty's breasts and Sierra saving him by grabbing his ankle and pulling him out was cut.
  • Episode 13
  1. The swears are replaced with her screaming and pulling.
  • Episode 17
  1. The scene where Heather is in the cargo hold and she says "So picking off my teammates while you totally blank me is strategy now?" the word "blank" was changed to "ruin".
  • Episode 26
  1. During the recap of the previous episode the scene where he says "The final three took off like bats outta Drumheller" it was changed to "The final three took off and beat it out of Alberta."

Canadian CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 1
  1. In the Canadian airing upon learning his team Alejandro starts to curse in the confessional with the swears bleeped out.
  • Episode 13
  1. When Heather curses when she is on the torture rack, the swears are bleeped out and her mouth is pixelated mouth.

European CensorshipEdit

  • Episode 4
  1. Ezekiel was completely removed from this episode, and the scene where she jumps off the plane was replaced with rats jumping off the plane.

Where to find it uncensoredEdit

There is no completely uncensored version, but the Canadian version has the least amount of censorship

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