Yu-Gi-OH VRAINS is an Japanese anime that was made by TV Tokyo, and was released on May 10, 2017 and it is still ongoing. When 4K Media made the English Dub it was censored in order to make it more family friendly, as a result violence and sexuality were toned down and references to death were removed.

Censorship[edit | edit source]

International Censorship[edit | edit source]

  • Episode 1
  1. The scene that shows Cracking Dragon crushing AI was modified for the 4K Media. In the 4K Media version a light effect was added, as a result you can no longer see Cracking Dragon crushing AI.
  2. Any scene that shows Cracking Dragon shooting fire at the civilians were cut.

Where to find it uncensored[edit | edit source]

The Japanese sub is completely uncensored.

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